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GAPPP: Gamified Audiovisual Performance
and Performance Practice

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LUDIFIED – the book, cover

What is it about?

LUDIFIED offers a comprehensive insight into the artistic research project "GAPPP - Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice" which was based at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz from 2016-2020. In this project, a team of artists and researchers set themselves the task of exploring the artistic potential of elements from computer games in the context of audiovisual composition and performance. The examination of almost twenty artistic works that have arisen in connection with this project has led to numerous findings, which are not only reproduced here textually but also aesthetically.
In addition to various texts by the core team consisting of Marko Ciciliani, Barbara Lüneburg and Andreas Pirchner, the book also presents texts, pictures and sketches by guests who accompanied the project. The integrated USB stick contains high-quality documentation of audiovisual works that were of particular importance for the project. Numerous illustrations and the integration of an augmented reality part complete the aesthetic impression on the one hand, and on the other, convey the process of creative and research work.
The book is divided into two main parts, one in which the project is introduced in general, and various methodological research approaches are set against works by different artists. Another part is exclusively dedicated to Marko Ciciliani, the head of the research project, who contributed numerous newly created audiovisual compositions to the project and thus set significant focal points in the research.


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Prof. Dr. Marko Ciciliani – head of project, PI, composition and audiovisual art
Prof. Dr. Barbara Lüneburg – key researcher, violin
Andreas Pirchner – key researcher, musicology


The Green Box, Berlin

Design: Anja Lutz
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Click here for links to the individual artworks discussed in LUDIFIED:

“game over”
for solo instrumentalist by Christof Ressi
performed by Szilárd Benes (bass clarinet)

"Terrain Study"
by Christof Ressi
performed by Szilárd Benes (bass clarinet)

"To Kill Two Birds With One Stone"
by Martina Menegon & Stefano D’Alessio
performed by Martina Menegon and Stefano D’Alessio

"Attractive Correlations"
by Kosmas Giannoutakis
performed by Lorenzo Derinni (violin), Matej Bunderla-Havaj (saxophone), Johannes Feuchter (bass clarinet), Davide Gagliardi (microphone), Artemi-Maria Gioti (microphone), Michele Seffino (microphone)

"Trois Machins de la Grâce Aimante"
by Rob Hamilton
performed by Barbara Lüneburg (1st violin), Osman Eyublu (2nd violin), Francesca Piccioni (viola), Myriam García Fidalgo (violoncello), and Rob Hamilton (VR system)

"String Mask Overflow"
by Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez
performed by Barbara Lüneburg (violin)

Lecture "Performing Profound Boredom"
Olli Tapio Leino
Lecture presented by Olli Tapio Leino at the Symposium “Gamified Composition and Performance – A Symposium in Artistic Research”

"The Missing piece"
for solo instrumentalist as gamer by Alyssa Aska (2019), clarinet: Szilárd Benes.

Virtual 3D Environments as Composition and Performance Spaces
two simulations of Tom Johnson's "Nine Bells" by Marko Ciciliani

"Tympanic Touch"
by Marko Ciciliani, a multisensory work for two performers and a game system (2017), performed by Barbara Lüneburg and Marko Ciciliani.

"Atomic Etudes" and "Chemical Etudes"
by Marko Ciciliani
performed by Marko Ciciliani

"Kilgore" and "Kilgore’s Resort"
by Marko Ciciliani
Kilgore performed by Barbara Lüneburg and Marko Ciciliani
Kilgore’s Resort operated by Alyssa Aska, Martin Ritter and Marko Ciciliani

"Anna & Marie"
by Marko Ciciliani
performed by Barbara Lüneburg (electric violin), Susanne Scholz (baroque violin) and Marko Ciciliani (live electronics)

Augmented Reality App for "Anna & Marie"
by Marko Ciciliani

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